Dream Tattoo Contest

Hannah Klenotic

My parents were high school sweethearts; together since 16. They married at 18 with the blessing of my grandparents, and shortly after my dad joined the Navy they were moved to California. My dad was sent overseas for a year, and when he returned my parents decided to start a family– which is where I came into play. My mom always told me, "Hannah, you were created so that I could have a best friend. I needed someone to take my mind off your daddy while he was gone." And I am indeed best friends with my mom to this day. When I was a little over a year old my dad was killed. My mom re-married a few years later and began her family again, but always kept my dad close to her heart. She wears his ring every day and keeps his photo around our home. We decorate his grave for different holidays, and decorated it with "Over the Hill" decorations this past year, as he would have turned 40. For the longest time, I have kept a photograph of my parents next to my bed because it is a picture of true love. My dad, in full uniform, is lifting my mom off of the ground during a welcome home hug. My mom is crying and smiling; incredibly happy to have the love of her life home and my dad looks as though nothing could ever go wrong in their life together. To me, this picture is perfection. This picture is my inspiration for love. I have always wanted this photo tattooed on my side because my parents are my inspiration.