Dream Tattoo Contest

Nicole "Nikki" Cook

I have been collecting tattoos for about a decade, and for the past few years I have put more dedication and thought into everything that is inked on my body, it is my blessed canvas and it is forever. In life there are many ups, downs, twists and turns always making it a struggle to keep on moving forward. There is one solid foundation that has always been there giving me the courage to never give up and never forget how lucky I am to be a mother. He is my ten-year-old son, the key to my heart, Dakota.
I had just turned eighteen years old when I got pregnant with Dakota. At this time my life was spinning out of control in an abusive relationship with his biological father. After a few years of being a single mother I thought only love existed within Dakota's heart. Finally a special man named Jason came into our lives –taking on the role of husband and adoptive father.
We had everything going for our new family when the first tragic moment approached our life unexpectedly. We had lost a two-and-a-half-month daughter and Dakota had lost his only sister due to sudden infant death syndrome. Life had taken a turn for the worse with not much hope to hold on to. Soon we began struggling with addiction problems and separation. If it were not for Dakota we all would have been lost from each other forever. He showed us how to forgive and rekindle our lost love. Dakota is the reason why we make it through all the hardships in life and he encourages us to be the parents we are intended to be.
For the special piece I have decided on a key intricately designed to match a heart lock tattoo I had previously designed for my heavenly passed angel, Kimimela. Her tattoo lies on my left forearm, as his will be on my right. This key symbolizes protection and will guide my spirit in the right direction.
There is a talented up-and-coming tattoo artist who works for Action Tattoo in Auburn,WA; her name is Whitney Fromm. Whitney is a detailed artist who does an amazing job in customizing realistic art. I have had the pleasure to work with her in the past and I am inspired to work with her again in the future.